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Show clients what a difference 14 years can make

We recently enhanced the Policy Value Credit on the Protective® Strategic Objectives II VUL to offer your clients 14 more years of cash value accumulation potential. That means additional cash value potential for their retirement plans while also providing a death benefit to help ensure financial security for their loved ones.

New Pricing Available for Protective® Classic Choice Term

We’ve repriced Protective® Classic Choice term to have new lower rates in multiple cells, putting it in the Top 3 or better 96% of the time in monthly pay scenarios and in the Top 3 91% of the time in annual pay scenarios.* These new rates went into effect September 21, 2020.

Use Our Enhanced EZ-AppSM to Submit More Protective Life Products

At Protective Life, we’re continuously looking for ways to improve and streamline the application process. There are currently two versions of our EZ-AppSM electronic application — the original version and the enhanced version. We have decided to consolidate both versions into one, making it a one-stop shop for all core UL and term life insurance applications.