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Tips for getting business completed by the end of the year

With the fourth quarter already underway and the end of the year right around the corner, getting last minute business completed can be tough. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help increase the chances of converting submitted applications to place business by year-end.

Advertising life insurance and annuities

The Advertisements of Life Insurance and Annuities Model Regulation (NAIC 570-1) provides rules for life insurance and annuity advertising. In order to comply with this Regulation, any advertising or marketing material referring to Protective – the Company name, logo, products or services – must be approved by the insurer prior to its dissemination.

The latest tools and resources to #HelpProtectOurFamilies

Help spread awareness about the importance of having life insurance with the most recent tools and resources from Help Protect Our Families. This campaign aims to help close the life insurance coverage gap by elevating the need for financial security with life insurance protection for all. See how you can help, too.

Pennsylvania appointment renewals

Protective Life is committed to keeping you informed of processes we have in place relating to appointments and the submission of new business. To that end, we want to make you aware of important information relating to appointment renewals in Pennsylvania.

Update on process for electronic health records

We’ve heard your feedback on the length of time APS ordering can take and know how much time is involved when ordering health records for your clients. As a result, Protective has a new process to request electronic health records to help reduce the amount of time involved with regular APS orders.