January 2019


How to Protect Clients’ Assets—and Yourself—from Email Phishing Scams

Remember the good old days when fishing was simply a fun pastime?

Things are way more complicated now. We have phishing, spear phishing, and whaling—all very bad news for our clients—and for us as financial professionals. In fact, when we fail to recognize these forms of fraud and our clients’ accounts are compromised as a result, clients lose assets and we’re vulnerable to regulatory fines and worse.

2019 Accelerated Death Benefit Increase for ExtendCareSM

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced upcoming changes to the per diem limitations for periodic payments received under qualified long-term care insurance policies and certain life insurance policies which offer accelerated death benefits for chronic illness care.

Cross-Border Sales Bulletin

Protective Life wants to make sure you stay informed and compliant regarding rules and regulations within our industry. Please review the information below, which may affect the processing of your submitted business with us.