Dave Sheridan, Vice President and Managing Director, Life Distribution

Whether you’re trying to get pending business placed before the end of the year or trying to get ahead for 2020, this time of year can be stressful. During this hectic time, it can help to slow down a little and reflect on the past year and all the accomplishments we have made.

Let’s take a moment to go over some major wins we have made in 2019:

  • Protective paid 42,068 death claims in 2019.
  • Totaling $4,739,078,444 paid in benefits.

Hard work pays off.
Because of your dedication and hard work, these families can now rest assured they are protected in case the unexpected were to happen. As I reflect on this, I want to personally thank you for your support this year, for your business and most importantly, for the wonderful things you did to help us protect those families.

Seeing the accomplishments we’ve made this past year makes me excited to see what we can do in 2020. Keep these numbers in mind as we head into the new year, and let’s continue to deliver on our promises. Together.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

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