At Protective Life, we continually take steps to streamline our new business operations. To ensure a simplified TeleLife process, we have successfully partnered with ExamOne to integrate their ScheduleNow service into our telephone interviews. By using ScheduleNow, TeleLife agents can now access appointment calendars in real time and match applicants to available examiners in the area—without the need for separate exam scheduling phone calls.

How does ScheduleNow work?
During the TeleLife interview, the TeleLife agent will open the scheduling calendar and offer applicants a time and date to schedule their exam. Once a date and time are selected by the client, the choice is secured and sent to ExamOne.

Why is this beneficial?
Ordering exams during the TeleLife interview allow us to streamline the number of calls we make to your clients and gives us the ability to process applications more efficiently.

Help your clients experience expedited exam scheduling and reduced cycle time by dropping a ticket electronically.

For more information about ScheduleNow and our TeleLife interview process, please contact your 
Protective Life representative.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

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For Financial Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

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